Flash drive contains .m4v files. The files should be playable on most contemporary computer setups, and you'll be able to plug them directly into some smart TVs.

Collector's Edition Season Bundle

  • In addition to the basic model, includes: USB 3 rifle shell [faster], 10K kbps compression bitrate for highest viewing quality, director's commentary [1 hr], the season's musical score/soundtrack, wrapped in tanned moose hide inside a metal windowed case filled with labrador tea and an artifact from the field. Includes a set of 4 FTW coasters made from the tent frame in bushcamp [black spruce, stamped logo], tied with paracord from one of our prosepector tent lashings.

  • Maybe you just want something tangible in your hands. Maybe you don't want a Vimeo account. Maybe you find streaming and downloading downright annoying - especially with poor internet connectivity. That's why we made the FTW Flash Drive series.


    We almost made a run of DVDs, but just couldn't be happy with 720p [bye-bye 1995], the wasteful packaging, kinda lame menus, and general obsolescence of the technology. It took us a while to find a solution we felt good about. Hello, solution.