What Kevin Kossowan tucks into his field kitchen kit, having tried a variety of other manufactured types. Made from tanned moose, elk, or whitetail from S4E11, with a paracord tie that's done a season on our prospector tent. See the demo video for the knotless quick tie Kossowan uses. 16-17" wide, long enough to roll at least 4 knives and a steel. The tanning colour mellows and patina improves over time. By design it lacks pockets, seams, snaps, or attached ties allowing you to roll any sized knife or tool into it before tying off. Nothing to break as it gets abused in the field, no metal bits to scratch adjacent gear in transport. The paracord tie may just come in handy one day when you're in a pinch in the field - it's happened to us already. We recommend you use cardboard and masking tape knife guards on your blades to protect the hide while in use.

FTW Knife Roll