Custom order only. Once purchase is made, we'll get in touch to get your hand measurements so that they can be knit to fit. Because they're hand made and we're busy folks, please expect 2-4 weeks delivery time on this item. 


  • Hand made by Kevin Kossowan's wife, with un-dyed Alberta wool. The Kossowans have been refining these 'ice fishing gloves' for years - designed to cover the fingers mostly, but leave your finger tips free to feel a bite on a hand line and tie gear. They also happen to be great for waterfowl and upland game hunting, and are lovely enough to wear around town. The cuff is long enough to tuck under a thermal or jacket layer to help keep you warm.


    The wool colour depends on the sheep, so colours vary in the grey and brown tones. To be washed like any other wool product - avoid the dryer unless you want to re-size them for your children.