Flash drive contains .m4v files. The files should be playable on most contemporary computer setups, and you'll be able to plug them directly into some smart TVs.

Wooden Flash Drive - Whole Season

  • Maybe you just want something tangible in your hands. Maybe you don't want a Vimeo account. Maybe you find streaming and downloading downright annoying - especially with poor internet connectivity. That's why we made the FTW Flash Drive series.


    We almost made a run of DVDs, but just couldn't be happy with 720p [bye-bye 1995], the wasteful packaging, kinda lame menus, and general obsolescence of the technology. It took us a while to find a solution we felt good about. Hello, solution.

  • Choose the season, and get all its episodes in 1080p HD, with better compression settings than any DVD could muster. Laser engraved walnut, USB 2.