November 6, 2018

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November 6, 2018

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November 6, 2018


James Beard Award nominated web series “FROM THE WILD” releases S5, a half decade into the exploration of terroir-focused cuisine in Canada. Having caught its stride, the series continues to be rooted firmly in the outdoor seasonal food collecting of creator Kevin Kossowan in his home province, while venturing from British Columbia to Newfoundland tasting place, time, connection, and story. You’d think the series would have covered this culinary ground by now, but we see for the first time the exploration of fiddleheads, bog cranberry, pronghorn, sharptailed grouse, dulse, scallop, periwinkles, caribou lichen, snowshoe hare, eider duck, hedgehog mushroooms, cloudberries, woodcock, and more. Two of the episodes in S5 stray from the plate and focus on the glass, exploring the potential of wild foraged cocktails. S5 is adventure, discovery, creativity, ecology, and intimacy on a plate.  


S5 and all previous seasons of the series are available at www.fromthewild.ca


“Kossowan’s show is changing the way we see the boreal forests, mountains, lakes, streams and coastlines of Canada. And he makes us question where we got the notion that food should ever come from a grocery store” - Jennifer Cockrall-King, Western Living Magazine


“This. THIS. This is the sort of show I'd want to make, folks. Watch them all” - Hank Shaw, James Beard Award winning wild food author


“The term terroir is most closely associated with wine, but an Alberta filmmaker is showing his viewers how to use it in a much deeper culinary context with his original web series From The Wild.” - Dan Clapson, The Globe And Mail


“His innovative series highlights Canadian regional cuisine in the most rugged way by exploring what the country's landscapes offer, all approached from a hunting/foraging angle with chefs in tow.” - Dan Clapson, Eat North





Kevin Kossowan, filmmaker, Edmonton, Alberta

Tyler Harlton, winemaker, TH Wines, Okanagan, BC

Jeff Senger, slaughterist, Sangudo Custom Meats, Alberta

Alexei Boldireff, chef, Baiju, Edmonton, Alberta

John Schneider, farmer, Gold Forest Grains, Alberta

Davina Moraiko, chef de cuisine, Rge Rd, Edmonton, Alberta

Hank Shaw, wild food author, California, USA

Dr. Robert Rogers, clinical herbalist, educator, author, Edmonton, Alberta

Adair Scott - chef, Watermark Beach Resort, Osoyoos, BC

Aman Dosanj - chef, Paisley Notebook, Kelowna, BC

Kesley Lyon - foh, Black Whale, the Bronx, New York City, USA

Melissa Finn - foh, Richmond Station, Toronto, Ontario

Sean Laceby - wild food guide, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Blair Lebsack - chef, Rge Rd, Edmonton, Alberta

Lori McCarthy - forager/instructor, Codsounds, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Alley Blagdon - sous chef, Merchant Tavern, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Jeremy Charles - chef, Raymond’s & Merchant Tavern, St. John’s, Newfoundland





Burbot in brown butter, 6.5 minutes from swimming

Pike liver dumpling in hake sauce with sea parsley

Canned pike melt on heavy rye, spicy may-roe-naise, soft ripened cheese, fresh pike caviar

Pike, riesling, and alpine lake water soup

Chowder of pike, horsetail, fiddlehead, nettle w/ organic heritage grains dumpling

Whitetail fawn leg a la ficelle, highbush cranberry jelly, baby yarrow & dandelion, on bog cranberry sourdough baked in a dutch oven on campfire

Pit cooked black bear shoulder

Snowshoe hare terrine breakfast sandwich on campfire english muffin, backyard egg, nodding onion

Sweet farro pudding, horsetail poached in chokecherry syrup, candied fiddleheads, rum.

Venison liver in sour romeo cherry, baby garden potato, nodding onion blossom

Prairie gumbo with mundare sausage & pike

Grilled romaine, nettle powder, wild arugula, wild rose, tempura onion

Whitetail on potato cream, charred onion, indian spices

Wood fired mule deer and wilted foraged similkameen greens

Pike in tarragon cream, potato puree, leek, chervil

Organic heritage grains bannock in wild blueberry jam and maple syrup

Midnight rivercamp mallard in ginger, soy, garlic

Rivercamp Cocktail of mint, whiskey, high bushcranberry, sea buckthorn, snow

Pan fried terrine of heritage grains, maple syrup

Camp-inspired vermouth w/ labrador tea, juniper, sage, thyme

Bear ham in a can, juniper, smoked in the tent stovepipe

Bushcamp Cocktail - Alberta rye, bitters, tent stove smoke tincture, camp vermouth, compressed snow ball 'cubes', candied lichen

Tandoor hot-rock mallard wrapped in chard, goose hearts

Camp botanical gin - labrador tea, pine, black spruce, juniper, fir

Pronghorn & sharptailed grouse wood oven roast, corn 3 ways, sage, leek, carrot, parsnip

Mussels in sand, cooked in lit dry pine needles

Periwinkle in Nova Scotian ‘tidal bay’, seaweed, garlic, sourdough

Fire roasted woodcock & tomatoes, ruffed grouse and cortland apple, roasted sweet potatoes

Wood stove eider duck & liver, winter chanterelles, wild watercress, caribou lichen, cloudberries, chocolate berry vinegar, squash and pulse

Uni and scallop sashimi

Scallop on hot rock, dulse butter, shaved dried scallop gonad, sea lovage oil, seaweed salt

Moose carpaccio, hedgehog mushrooms, potato crisp

Whitetail, parsnip cream, gin, charred parsnip, nasturtium




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