A season of abundance, and plates. More than ever, the focus was about putting up a thoughtful plate from the abundance around us. Kevin Kent tackles burbot on the ice, Connie DeSousa and John Jackson cook bear in bush camp, Blair Lebsack plates up cutthroat on rocks in a kitchen atop a stream bed in the rockies, and on and on it goes. Kevin and Jeff put up more plates than ever in this season. The learning doesn't stop, and the rabbit hole of wild food only grows deeper. 

New to S3 is the final episode being centred entirely around the controversial ‘From The Wild Table’ Slow Food Edmonton event. With the menu focused on black bear, the event attracted protesters, who in turn attracted the police, resulting in a dramatic close to the season.

The quest for wild food went wider and deeper in season two. In addition to digging our nose into our own terroir, we delved into the culinarily obscure with beaver trapping and cookery, and exploring foreign lands in Dalsland, Sweden. New to the series this season [waterfowl and grouse episodes] is the infamous Hank Shaw – a long time online friend, and now good hunting buddy and co-conspiror in the world of wild food. Long time friends Brad Rabiey, author Jennifer Cockrall-King, chef Allan Suddaby, and Swedish charcuterist Johan Postma also joined us in the field.

Long on the wish list, S2 closes with an epic wild food dinner ‘From The Wild Table’ where the venison on the menu is the first big game kill of a well known chef, cooked by 8 chefs from 2 cities – all filmed as part of the final episode of the season.

The beginning. S1 is chuck full of firsts for the folks involved. It took us a few episodes to ease into format, and figure out the nature of what From The Wild wanted to become. Season one features Jeff Senger and Trevor Farrants of Sangudo Custom Meat Packers, John Schneider of Gold Forest Grains, Elyse Chatterton of Tofield Packers, Brayden Kozak of Three Boars Eatery, Blair Lebsack of Rge RD, Kevin and Ian Kossowan – chasing lake trout, pike, perch, black bears, whitefish, elk, whitetail, moose, mule deer, waterfowl, and upland birds.

By the end of season one, the premise of the series was clear: chase and process wild food, and make something thoughtful and tasty with it. Easier said than done.