FROM THE WILD is created and produced by Kevin Kossowan. At a dinner visiting family in Denmark, Kossowan was asked to host a 'typically Canadian' dinner. Coming from a province proud of it's food industries such as beef and pork, nothing stood out as uniquely 'from here'. Thus began an intense exploration of culinary terroir - cusine that speaks to place and the moment. What are we ignoring that peoples before us knew, and was lost in the chase for box store foods and microwaves? It just so happened that this exploration happened to a film maker, and this series was born.

Kossowan rounded up some food industry friends keen to go on some adventures, hoping to be able to harvest wild food and cook a thoughtful dish in each episode. The series has matured, with layers of discovery and the challenging of norms around what should and shouldn't be shown when an animal is made into food, ethics around fish harvest, catch and release ethics, food waste, age class of harvest, seasonality of waterfowl and fish, serving wild meats in restaurants, and by far most importantly the intensity of connection when the right time, place, and people align. Experiences that money can't buy. These are some of the lessons-to-us of the non-prescriptive agenda of the series - not here to tell the viewer how, but rather to share our journey.

FROM THE WILD is currently in production of its sixth season, and available exclusively via Vimeo On Demand

“His innovative series highlights Canadian regional cuisine in the most rugged way by exploring what the country's landscapes offer, all approached from a hunting/foraging angle with chefs in tow.” - Dan Clapson, Eat North

“Kevin Kossowan and Jeff Senger are born and raised Albertans. Interesting and hilarious individuals, they’ve combined to become two of the most interesting ecological anthropologists in North America” - Chad Brealey, Salt Fresh Field, Vancouver, BC.


“Kossowan’s show is changing the way we see the boreal forests, mountains, lakes, streams and coastlines of Canada. And he makes us question where we got the notion that food should ever come from a grocery store” - Jennifer Cockrall-King, Western Living Magazine

“This. THIS. This is the sort of show I'd want to make, folks. Watch them all” - Hank Shaw, James Beard Award winning wild food author


“The term terroir is most closely associated with wine, but an Alberta filmmaker is showing his viewers how to use it in a much deeper culinary context with his original web series From The Wild.” - Dan Clapson, The Globe And Mail

Kossowan is also founder and creator of FoodWorkshop, an online food skills resource. Online courses teaching field dressing, game butchery, and charcuterie are available at www.foodworkshop.ca.

Feel free to be in touch via email at fromthewild@storychaser.ca

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