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WATCH IT ALL - including S10 as it rolls out! We're currently offering a 25% discount to folks wanting to binge from the beginning, get caught up, or maybe they started with the new stuff (or an episode or two) and now want to go back and watch it from the beginning of our journey - a journey from wide-eyed wild food neophytes to who we are today. Some folks buy the binge bundle because we don't have a 'donate' button and they just want to support the project (it happens!!).


We find it so, so cool that most folks don't in fact binge, but rather savour it, setting aside a night with family or friends to watch an episode. So awesome.

Binge Bundle

C$300.00 Regular Price
C$225.00Sale Price
  • You hit the 'add to cart' button above and check out in our online shop. When we process your order, we'll create a specific-to-you promocode and send it by email. When you go to watch any of S1 through S10, click 'buy all', go to the paywall, enter your discount code, and that season will unlock for you. It's like a key. A 'buy all' key. 

    Please note that we can't unlock the future. You'll have to buy future seasons as they're released.

  • Please note that our team might be deep in bush filming when you place your order. We'll make every effort to get your custom promocode to you as soon as we possibly can, but it may take a few days. 

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