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Having your animal butchered costs hundreds of dollars. And while that does save you the work, you’re also missing out on one of the most exciting parts of the process of hunting your own food - that moment where you decide on what adventures you’d like to take in the kitchen throughout the year. 


This event is held at our field kitchen smack during hunting season. We’ll take a recently harvested deer from beginning to end. We’ll bust down an animal, cook together (both lunch & dinner are provided + foraged teas + cocktails) in our field kitchen camp. You'll dine at our giant dining table in the forest. You'll meet a bunch of like minded hunters who you get to share your day with. 


This workshop is for:

  • hunters who want to be connected to the full process from scouting to sharing great meals - butchery included
  • hunters who want to save money on butchery (hundreds/animal = thousands pretty darned quick)
  • hunters who butcher their own, but would like to bolster their confidence, and have more ideas on how to break an animal down for the kitchen


For the elk and moose hunters: a deer is built similarly enough to provide a solid case study, and we will discuss which muscle groups might be treated differently in a larger carcass size. (Kevin grew up butchering moose, every year)


The purpose of this full day camp is to take a big game animal from whole carcass to cut and wrapped in front of you, sharing tips and tricks the whole way through. Kevin’s been butchering big game since he was a kid, and has butchered whitetail, mule deer, black bear, moose, elk, and pronghorn. Save money on butchery, and make eating game more fun and delicious so you can get out and hunt more!!

Big Game Butchery

  • TIME - 10am - 6pm



    • morning briefing, foraged tea, meet and greet 
    • overview of breaking down a whole animal
    • front quarter butchery in the kitchen
    • hang out with cool, like minded people
    • rocket stove grilled lunch
    • hind quarter butchery- beverage break
    • cocktails
    • offal and off cuts
    • wrap and pack
    • long table dinner with new friends
    • wrap and goodbyes


    (Yes, we know, we can’t serve game meat we harvested without violating the wildlife act, so we source elk, bison, sometimes whitetail and other tasty game from local purveyors like The Butchery by Rge Rd, or local ranchers who raise it.)


    NOTE - our basecamp location is actually in a large forest in very undulating terrain. If you have concerns or questions about your ability to participate, please do contact us prior to buying a spot.


    CANCELLATION POLICY - we'll happily offer a full refund if you really need to cancel up to two weeks in advance. Under two weeks, and we cannot provide a refund but can offer for you to join us at a future similar event.  


    Full details provided by email roughly a week prior to the event. 


    QUESTIONS? Email us!

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