Mixologist Melissa Finn and Kevin Kossowan open up about their adventures in the world of wild cocktails. We cover mixology in our Field Cookery Camps, but this is the deep dive for those keen to dig into wild crafted beverages in and for the outdoors.


Kevin will start with helping you wrap your head around filling your field bar (and home bar) with various plant types that are all around us. We'll cover roots, twigs, fruits, buds, and herbs that can be foraged here for the bar. We then discuss how to extract those flavours - a more complex topic than you might think. 


Mel will then get into how you can fold these flavours into the bar via gins, vermouths, bitters, tinctures, and syrups - all of which become tools to craft a finished cocktail.


After a rustic bushcamp lunch, Mel will shake and stir some cocktails, and talk you through her thought process when building a cocktail from the ground up - as often there's no road map, but rather a process of balancing flavours.


We'll finish the day covering non-alcoholic drinks: teas, sodas, and kombucha.

Wild Mixology

  • TIME - 10am - 6pm


    WHAT TO EXPECT - Meet up in the boreal at our wall tent basecamp. With a foraged tea in hand, we'll dive right into botanicals and the role they play in the camp and home bar. You'll be learning outdoors in our camp kitchens, and dining in the forest with other like minded folks.

    Do take notes, and you're welcome to take lots of pictures - there will be a lot of information to absorb.

    We wrap the day sitting around a fire for some Q&A and to soak in the forest. 

    NOTE - our basecamp location is actually in a large forest, and we will be doing a fair bit of hiking through the bush in very undulating terrain. If you have concerns or questions about your ability to participate, please do contact us prior to buying a spot. 


    Full details provided by email prior to the event. 


    CANCELLATION POLICY - we'll happily offer a full refund if you really need to cancel up to two weeks in advance. Under two weeks, and we cannot provide a refund but can offer for you to join us at a future similar event.  


    QUESTIONS? Email us! fieldcookerycamp@fromthewild.ca