Up your game on big game cookery. An intensive day in our wall tent basecamp covering various cuts of a big game animal, and how to best use them in the kitchen. Kevin and chef instructor Allan Suddaby start at the beginning, with animal selection, handling and options at meat cutting time.


We'll then spend a good portion of the day working on 3 courses cooked over fire using both tender and tougher cuts of the animal that you'll have lots of after a hunt.


Our afternoon is spent learning about two classic charcuterie favourites: sausage, and jerky. Because they're awesome, folks love them, and they make great field food for when you're back out in the field next year. 


This is a deep dive into the world of big game. The best part is you get to eat it all. Scratch that. The best part is you get to make better meals at home with your big game.

The Big Game

  • TIME - 10am - 6pm


    WHAT TO EXPECT - Meet up in the boreal at our wall tent basecamp. We'll serve you some forest tea, while breaking down your options when you have a whole carcass in front of you. We'll cover some light fare, and how to do mains with both tender and tougher cuts - much of which you'll enjoy in our forest dining room. Your afternon is spent learning about how to make sausage and jerky with game. We'll wrap up around a fire for some Q&A and to soak in the forest. Be prepared to do some walking through the bush, learn a lot, smell like smoke, eat and drink new flavours, make new friends, and think differently about the culinary possibilities of big game.

    NOTE - our basecamp location is actually in a large forest in very undulating terrain. If you have concerns or questions about your ability to participate, please do contact us prior to buying a spot.


    CANCELLATION POLICY - we'll happily offer a full refund if you really need to cancel up to two weeks in advance. Under two weeks, and we cannot provide a refund but can offer for you to join us at a future similar event.  


    Full details provided by email prior to the event. 


    QUESTIONS? Email us! fieldcookerycamp@fromthewild.ca