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Foraging Walks

Our foraging walks are our introduction to foraging and the dizzying array of wild-inspired savoury dishes, desserts, and beverages you can make at home. Our walks have a decidedly culinary focus, and are a great gateway to all of our other workshops and day camps

We're SUPER excited to be preparing a month-long tour (June 2024) of our foraging walks across Alberta and BC. If you'd love for us to stop in your community, please let us know!!

Foraging 201 is also in the works for '24. A half day 'next step' for folks that have joined us on foraging walks, and would love to smell, taste, and see tasty things built in the fashion discussed on walks. They'll be half day workshops that include food and beverage. Stay tuned. 


The Tour, Foraging 201, and all other events for 2024 will be released in Nov/Dec 2023. 

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